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Alcohol Addiction During Pregnancy Presents Need for Care and Compassion

A pregnant mother’s excessive drinking can cause her child severe health problems that follow him or her into adulthood.

Because children in the womb are still developing, their livers don’t work well enough to process alcohol the same way an adult liver does.

Any alcohol a mother drinks during pregnancy enters her bloodstream and can reach the baby.

Prenatal exposure to drugs and alcohol is the leading preventable cause of birth defects, abnormalities and developmental disabilities in the United States. Doctors debate what “safe” amount of alcohol a pregnant woman can consume. Rather than risk their baby’s health, many mothers-to-be avoid alcohol altogether during pregnancy.

Unfortunately, women struggling with alcohol addiction can’t easily stop drinking despite understanding the potential harms. Addicted women who find out they are pregnant need to get help immediately. If a mother-to-be is struggling with alcohol dependency, there is often more to her situation. Addiction and pregnancy are both delicate topics. It is crucial to handle pregnant women who drink with care and compassion.

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Alcohol and Pregnancy

Scientific evidence suggests that certain patterns of drinking during pregnancy can be harmful to the unborn child - in particular, heavy and problem drinking patterns. While there is ongoing debate about whether there is a “safe” level of alcohol consumption during pregnancy, most governments with official guidelines on the subject recommend that pregnant women abstain from alcohol.

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