Opinion: Alcohol & Health

Fighting for Freedom from Addiction

I’ve been fighting for freedom my entire life.

I’m a U.S. Army veteran who saw combat in Vietnam. The army taught me how to fight – how to identify the enemy; how to develop strategies; how to achieve victory.

Today my fight is against alcoholism and drug abuse at The Healing Place, a program that originated in Louisville. It is based on giving people freedom from the disease of addiction that consumes their lives.

The Healing Place has served Metro Louisville and surrounding areas since 1989 with a nationally recognized, innovative recovery program for drug and alcohol addiction and a compassionate homeless shelter. Each day, we serve more than 500 men and women in Louisville for less than $25 per person per day without a fee to the client. The Healing Place saves taxpayers more than $21 million each year in emergency room and hospital visits, as well as judicial and prison costs, through partnerships with local government, medical facilities, and law enforcement.

The Healing Place, which has three campuses in Kentucky, is the model used by Recovery Kentucky, a program introduced in 2005 by the Kentucky Governor to help recovering addicts. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has declared The Healing Place “a model that works”. It has been replicated in Huntington, WV, Richmond, VA, and Raleigh, NC. Today, there are more than 2,800 clients who have completed our program to become productive members of their communities as individuals and business owners.

What has to change for those addicted to alcohol and/or drugs? Everything. And change is frightening but it can be done. Victory is helping everyone to be clean and sober. Victory is helping everyone to be free.

Freedom means being honest.

Freedom means becoming the person you were meant to be but could not be.

Freedom means the opportunity to make mistakes.

Freedom means not worrying about being judged.

Freedom means being who you are without fear of retribution or pain.

Freedom means accepting love and giving it away.

Freedom – That’s why I continue to wage war against addiction. When men and women arrive at The Healing Place they are homeless, helpless, and hopeless. But when they leave, most are healthy and headed for a new future. They are filled with hope.

That’s why I fight for freedom.

For more information, call (502) 585-4848.

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Alcohol and Violence

Research shows that higher rates of drinking, heavy drinking, and alcohol abuse are reported by violent offenders than the general population. Psychopharmacological effects—the way chemicals interact with an individual’s brain and affect thinking and behavior - physiological factors - individual brain chemistry - and other influencers provide explanations of behavioral patterns involving alcohol and violence.

Alcohol and Sports Don't Mix

Alcohol education is critical to the success of the overall athletic training process. According to the NCAA Sports Science Institute, alcohol consumption can negatively affect health and performance by increasing heart rate, oxygen consumption, blood pressure and blood lactate. A reasonable approach to alcohol education should revolve around moderation and appropriate timing of consumption.

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